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Owatonna Vet Clinic Tour

Fairview Animal Medical Center is a full service companion animal facility striving to meet your needs as an animal lover. Located at 1840 Hartle Avenue in Owatonna, we are just off of 18th

Clinic_Photos_Sept_2,_08_002 - set-upstreet with easy parking lot access and ease with getting your pet in and out. We recently added on and updated the building. This has allowed us an extra exam room, more space in the lab for extra equipment, and basically, more opportunities to better serve you. We also added kennel runs and can provide boarding for your pets when you go out of town. 


  Staff_Photo_Dec_5_07_001 - set-up
Take a look at this friendly staff! OK, maybe you can't tell from the photo, but this is a fun group. Your pet's health and well-being are extremely important to us. We strongly believe in communication and education. Please bring a list of questions you have to your next appointment. And please call if you have a question at home. Sometimes the answers are simple and problems can be solved. Sometimes we need to set up an appointment to diagnose the situation you are noticing with your pet.

Here's Ruby setting up a sample in the blood analyzer. We can run many diagnostic profiles including CBCs (complete blood counts), biochemical profiling (organ function tests), electrolyte and blood gas analysis (just added!), urinalysis, coagulation tests and thyroid cortisol and bile acid profiling all in our clinic, and usually while you wait. This helps us get answers quickly and begin treatments, if necessary. 
Fairview_Dentals_and_Equipment_004 - set-up

surgery2 - set-up
At Fairview, we provide a wide array of surgical services in order to try to meet your needs in the most convenient way possible for you. Dr. Boisen has been performing small animal surgeries for over 18 years. He isn't restricted to just cats and dogs; but has performed surgeries on rabbits and exotics and pocket pets. He recently spayed a gecko who only weighed in at 1.2 ounces!

Dental disease is a common and potentially dangerous problem in our pets, especially as they age. Annual routine dental cleaning is the best way to insure healthy teeth and gums.

Fairview_Dentals_and_Equipment_012 - set-up

Boarders_2008_004 - set-up
Chief is peeking out to say hello. It isn't suppertime quite yet!
Our boarders are let out and walked at least three times a day. There's plenty of space in the backyard to wander and explore on leash. We also have outside kennel runs that allow dogs hours of fresh air when the weather cooperates. Clinic_Photos_Sept_2,_08_003 - set-up
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