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Pet Dentistry

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At Fairview, we understand the importance of good health in your pet. Discoveries in human medicine have found a correlation between dental disease and diseased internal organs including the heart. As pets’ life expectancies increase, so do their challenges with dental disease. We know that your pet’s health, well-being, and comfort are of the utmost importance.

What is involved in a teeth cleaning for my pet?

Just like a dentist, on the day of the initial visit or shortly before the scheduled procedure, a sample of blood will be taken from your pet to run a preanesthetic blood profile. Preanesthetic blood profiles are recommended before all procedures or surgeries, but required before dentals due to the possible damage/effect that dental disease can have on internal organs and the probable age of the animal undergoing anesthesia . It is our opportunity to “see” what can’t be seen on physical exam; and helps to determine that your pet can tolerate anesthesia.

Dental disease is not just bad breath. There are four stages of the disease from gingivitis to advanced periodontitis (bacteria that may be spreading to organs, find more information at (www.cetdental.com)

The good news is that so much can be done to prevent and treat dental disease in your pet. If you are noting symptoms of dental disease such as bad breath, decreased appetite, pain when eating or lethargy, call a Fairview vet staff member to schedule an appointment.

In Owatonna call 507-451-4591 to schedule your Pet for Dentistry or click here for more information.

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